Special Girl’s Gold Award

Girl Scouting is for every girl, including those with disabilities.  My daughter, Deborah, is severely autistic but has completed the same awards as any other girl, including the Bronze and Silver Awards.  She has just completed the work for her Gold Award.  She worked with her teacher, Pam … Continue reading

Simple Props for a Self-Defense Workshop

My troop recently hosted a self-defense workshop for girls around the middle school and elementary school age. One of the obstacles that came up for us was to provide the best way to teach kids with a small budget. Now, we also needed to provide a model for each of them to practice on as well, but … Continue reading

Flute Gold Award Project

Here is an example of a Girl Scout Gold Award project for those of you wanting to encourage your girls to continue in scouting.  It was done by my daughter, so I'm not prejudiced at all about how wonderful it was.  Below is part of her final report to the Austin Flute Society describing her … Continue reading

Bread Bird Feed from Old Bread

In Bread Bird Feed from Old Bread, we will do a fun activity that can be used at club or scout meetings as a starting project.  This activity works well with children of all abilities.  Crumbling old bread into small pieces helps birds in the community get food for winter or for spring to … Continue reading