Simple Props for a Self-Defense Workshop

My troop recently hosted a self-defense workshop for girls around the middle school and elementary school age. One of the obstacles that came up for us was to provide the best way to teach kids with a small budget. Now, we also needed to provide a model for each of them to practice on as well, but … Continue reading

Backpacking Gear Care

Backpacking gear care is an often-neglected but essential part of any trip.  It is particularly important if you have borrowed or rented some of your equipment.  You will lose friends if you return their gear muddy or moldy.  I have included a PDF, Proper-Care-Backpacking-Gear, that you can … Continue reading

Best Gifts for Special Needs Children

Sometimes getting presents for the special children in your family can be challenging.  If you're lucky, they'll like the same things as any other children their age.  Sometimes they'll like the same things as other kids, just maybe not their age.  That's straightforward enough.  But if you … Continue reading