Special Girl’s Gold Award

Girl Scouting is for every girl, including those with disabilities.  My daughter, Deborah, is severely autistic but has completed the same awards as any other girl, including the Bronze and Silver Awards.  She has just completed the work for her Gold Award.  She worked with her teacher, Pam … Continue reading

Best Gifts for Special Needs Children

Sometimes getting presents for the special children in your family can be challenging.  If you're lucky, they'll like the same things as any other children their age.  Sometimes they'll like the same things as other kids, just maybe not their age.  That's straightforward enough.  But if you … Continue reading

Special Needs Children Cook: Lasagna

Special needs children cook lasagna following the visual instructions in the picture galleries here. This is a fairly complicated recipe, so it's best to take it in steps with breaks in between the parts. I used ready to bake lasagna noodles to make it easier and safer for young children. You … Continue reading