Simple Props for a Self-Defense Workshop

My troop recently hosted a self-defense workshop for girls around the middle school and elementary school age. One of the obstacles that came up for us was to provide the best way to teach kids with a small budget. Now, we also needed to provide a model for each of them to practice on as well, but they were too expensive and over our small budget. Luckily, our workshop was more focused on the soft spots on the face and neck. We modeled the attacks on the other body parts on other leaders of the workshop and had the girls fake attack their partners to more easily memorize the place of attacks.

There are many simple ways to incorporate low-cost materials to improve teaching methods when holding a self-defense workshop. When focusing on defense techniques against the face, all the resources we needed were:

  • Duct Tape
  • Small rectangular boxes: Must be the perfect fit to whatever size balloon you have.
  • Latex balloons
  • Surfaces around the height of the person in the workshop.

Step 1: Gather the resources

Step 2: Place the rectangular boxes standing up with the width on the surface.

Step 3: Insert the balloon inside the box. (Make sure it fits snuggly).

Step 4: Securely duct tape the box on the surface.

If you wish, you can draw the points of focus on the model with a sharpie for people to strike repeatedly . There you go! It’s finished! But as a warning: make sure not to put too much force on the balloons or it would pop! I would blow up more balloons as a precaution, in case somebody does pop them. I made at least 10 more based on the size of my group and as I predicted a lot of them popped.

I wish you the best of luck on running your self-defense workshop and I really hope you are successful in spreading the message about safety around the world for every individual.

Thank you!!



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