Bread Bird Feed from Old Bread

Image shows a pie tin with crumbled bread in it.
Bread Bird Food

In Bread Bird Feed from Old Bread, we will do a fun activity that can be used at club or scout meetings as a starting project.  This activity works well with children of all abilities.  Crumbling old bread into small pieces helps birds in the community get food for winter or for spring to give to their little bird babies.  It can be a lot of fun to watch the birds eat the bread crumbs.  Our cats love it!


  • Stale bread or heels, at least 4 pieces per person
  • Pie tin or other container that will not easily blow away, one per person
  • Gallon size plastic ziplock bag for each person

Before you start making the bread crumbs, it is helpful if you do it outside or a surface that can be swept easily.  The bread crumbs will end up on the floor or all over the place.  LOL  Give each person a pie tin and their bread.

Image shows a pie tin and pieces of bread.
Bread Bird Feed Set Up

Crumble bread into small pieces about the size of the end of your pinkie finger into a pie tin.  Check and make sure the pieces aren’t too big.  You also don’t really want them to be so small birds can’t hold them in their beaks.  Crumble all the pieces into the pie tin.  Your bread bird feed is now ready for the birds!

If you are doing this at a club or scout meeting, you will need to get the bird feed ready to be taken home after it is all crumbled.  To do that you have to get it in a plastic bag by having one person hold the bag open and the other dump it in the bag.  Make sure the bag is zipped shut before they go!

Image shows bird bread feed on a porch outside.
Feed the birds!

After you are done with everything, you can put your bread bird feed outside in a heavy pie tin or in a bird feeder. You can feel good about your project because you are preventing the waste of bread that would have been thrown out.  Also you are helping birds get food they need to survive.  Everybody wins because it was fun and easy and helpful to birdies. 🙂

For more information about birds, visit the Audubon Society.

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