Special Needs Children Craft: Large Paper Pumpkins

Image shows two large pumpkins made out of strips of construction paper.

Large Paper Pumpkins


Making pumpkin decorations for Halloween or Thanksgiving can be a lot of fun and keep children occupied during the school holidays.  In Special Needs Children Craft: Large Paper Pumpkins, an activity in our series on paper crafts, your child will learn how to make a large pumpkin out of paper strips.  This craft is of moderate difficulty and best suited for children with some experience making our other paper crafts, like the garlic garland.  It is not as hard, however as our small paper pumpkins.  You may nonetheless need to help them with the final stapling of the center in the last step.


  • 3 Twelve-inch long strips of 1-inch wide orange construction paper
  • 2 Ten-inch long strips of 1-inch wide orange construction paper
  • 2 Eight-inch long strips of 1-inch wide orange construction paper
  • 1 Three-inch long strip of 1-inch wide brown construction paper
  • Stapler
  • 2 bobby pins

Adult:  If your child is able to use a paper cutter, as detailed in another post, let them help you prepare the supplies.  Then organize them on a tray as shown in the picture.

Image shows a purple tray with different size strips of construction paper labeled by length, two bobby pins, and a stapler.

Organize your supplies before starting to make the large paper pumpkins.


Child:  Follow the pictures to connect the strips of paper together.

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Child:  Follow the pictures to put the sides together and add the brown stem.

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Child:  Follow the pictures to curl the sides around and finish your pumpkin.  You may need some help with getting the sides together and stapling them.  Be patient and it will work out.

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The same techniques used to make a large paper pumpkin can be used to make many different kinds of fruits and vegetables depending on the colors you use and how you do the stem at the top.  Use red for apples or strawberries, or yellow for squash or lemons.  You can even do just one side to make a banana out of yellow paper.  You can get a whole cornucopia if you want.    Large-Pumpkin-Craft-Mixed-Fruit-Option

Have fun with Special Needs Children Craft:  Large Paper Pumpkins.  I got the idea for these crafts from http://blog.hwtm.com/2008/09/diy-project-paper-pumpkin-craft/ but made a lot of changes.

HINT:  If you have trouble making the pumpkins or other fruits stay upright, you can slide  bobby pins on their bottoms to make a little stand.

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