Special Needs Children Craft: Small Paper Pumpkins

Image shows two small pumpkins made out of 1" wide strips of orange construction paper.

Finished small pumpkins made out of strips of construction paper.

In Special Needs Children Craft:  Small Paper Pumpkins, I’ll show you how to make small pumpkins out of strips of paper as part of my series on paper crafts for special needs children.  These small pumpkins are harder to make than the larger ones I also include in the series.  Small children may find this way of making pumpkins too hard because the paper needs to be bent much more.  It’s pretty easy for the paper to snap out of their hands because of the tension its under until it is stapled.  This is not a beginner craft, so they should practice on some of the easier paper crafts first.  For some children, however, this craft will provide a welcome challenge and a chance to improve their skills.  It gives them something to work towards.  Since these children are more advanced, you should probably have them use a paper cutter to cut out the strips of paper for the craft using the pictures in the article on using a paper cutter.

Supplies (multiplied by the number of pumpkins you want to make):

  • Two 1″ wide by 12″ long strips of orange construction paper
  • Two 1″ wide by 10″ long strips of orange construction paper
  • Two 1″ wide by 8″ long strips of orange construction paper
  • One 1″ wide by 12″ long strip of green construction paper
  • Two bobby pins
  • Stapler

Adult:  Set up the supplies for the craft as shown in the picture.

Image shows a purple tray with long strips of construction paper labeled by length, two bobby pins, and a stapler.

Organize your supplies for the small pumpkin paper craft this way.

This craft is complicated enough that it is divided into two picture galleries, even though you don’t need to change supplies or re-set anything in between.  It is a good idea to have your child go through each picture gallery before they start that part of the craft.  It’s easier to understand the directions if you can see how it all fits together.  You can either leave their supplies on the tray or lay them out on the table before they start.  It’s nice to keep the small labels that indicate what length the strips of paper are until they have the first part of the craft done.

Child:  Click on the pictures to see how to do the craft.

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Child:  Now that the first part is done, go on to the second part by clicking on the pictures.

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I hope your child had fun with the challenging craft in Special Needs Children Craft:  Small Paper Pumpkins.  These pumpkins make a nice addition to your Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations.  They go well with the large paper pumpkins described in another article.  They can be stood upright or hung from string if you prefer.

I got the idea for these  pumpkins from http://www.allfortheboys.com/home/2011/9/21/fall-pumpkin-craft.html.  I modified them substantially and got them to be shaped more like real pumpkins so that some of the more literal-minded children on the spectrum would be more comfortable.

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