Special Needs Children Craft: Patriotic Eagle Puppet

Image shows a paper bag decorated with an eagle's face, wings and feet to make a Veteran's Day craft.

Veteran’s Day Eagle Puppet Craft

This cute eagle paper bag puppet is a fun way to celebrate Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day or the 4th of July.  In Special Needs Children Craft: Patriotic Eagle Puppet, you’ll find simple instructions and a gallery of pictures to help your special child make this craft.

This craft can have several different levels of difficulty that you can choose from based on your child’s abilities, time and interests.  If your child loves to color, you can print off the blank body parts from that pdf.  I used the following colors to make the puppet come out the way you see.  The beak was colored with RoseArt goldenrod.  The feet were done with Crayola tan for most of it and Crayola black for the claws.  The bottom part of the wings were done with Crayola brown.     The middle layer of feathers were done with RoseArt brown.  The top part of the wings used a layer of Crayola gray colored over with Crayola brown to give it a lighter shade.  If your child only wants to use one color, that’s fine.  You can decide how involved you want to make this.  If your child is not interested in coloring at all, you can simply print off the already colored body parts using that pdf.

As to cutting out the parts,  I recommend coloring the parts before you cut them out or using the colored print out.  Cutting out the body parts is fairly challenging.  If your child is great at that, let them do it.  But if your child is young or simply not good with scissors, it’s going to be frustrating.  You may want to do it.  Either way, the parts need to be cut out before you use the picture gallery below to make the craft.

PDF’s with eagle body parts to be printed off as needed:

  1. Printable Blank Eagle Parts
  2. Printable Colored Eagle Parts


  • brown paper lunch bag
  • cut out body parts
  • white piece of paper cut to fit the bottom of the paper bag
  • glue sticks
  • paper towels

Adult:  Organize your supplies according to the picture.  The paper towels are to put under the pieces when they are being glued.  It’s impossible to put glue on the pieces without having it smeared over whatever is around the piece.  Children get frustrated when they get glue everywhere and things start getting stuck in the wrong place.  The paper towels help with that because it can be easily changed if it gets too sticky.  They can also wipe their fingers off on them.

Image shows a green tray with a brown paper lunch bag, a white piece of card stock, cut out wings, beak, feet, crest and eyes along with a glue stick and paper towels.

Organize your supplies for the eagle puppet craft this way.

Child:  Click on the pictures to make your puppet.

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Your patriotic eagle puppet is all done and ready to be used for your Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day or 4th of July celebration.   The puppet can also be used in lessons about our country and the importance of our soldiers.  Good job!

Note:  I found the idea for this craft online at http://kitchentableschool3.blogspot.com/2010/11/veterans-day.html.  I modified it to work with special needs children and created the pdf’s to use.

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