Special Needs Children Craft: Popcorn Monster Hands for Halloween

Image shows two plastic food service gloves filled with popcorn and candy corn fingernails.

Monster Hands

It’s always fun to make Halloween treats for your friends and special needs children can easily take part in this holiday tradition.  In Special Needs Children Craft:  Popcorn Monster Hands for Halloween, you’ll find clear visual instructions for your child to follow to make these traditional Halloween treats.  For children on special diets like the GFCF diet, you should be able to find a variety of popcorn that works for them.  You can even do air popped for a lower calorie option.  Candy corn is generally GFCF, being basically corn syrup, sugar & honey, although you should always check your particular brand to make sure.

Supplies (quantities depend on how many you want to make):

  • Bowl of popped popcorn
  • Plastic food service gloves
  • Candy corn
  • Twist ties

Adult:  Set out the supplies as shown in the picture.

Image shows a bowl of popcorn, a small container with candy corn, a twist tie, and a food service glove on an orange tray.

Organize your supplies for making Monster Hands.

Have your child wash his or her hands before starting.  It is unrealistic to expect your child not to snack on any of the ingredients, but you can minimize that by only doing this craft immediately after they have eaten.  Rather than fighting about it, just have extra supplies so that you can all have fun with this craft.  You might try some simple rules such as “One candy corn for the Monster, One for you”.  What works for you will depend on your situation, but don’t expect unreasonable restraint from your child.  These ingredients are yummy.  I have divided the project into two parts–first using the candy corn and second using the popcorn.  That will allow you to help your child focus and maybe not snack on everything at once.

Child:  Give your monster hands fingernails using candy corn.  Click on the pictures to see how to do it.

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Adult:  Now give your child the bowl of popcorn and let them go through the second gallery.

Child:  Now fill up your Monster Hand with popcorn.  Click on the pictures to see how.

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I hope you enjoyed Special Needs Children Craft:  Popcorn Monster Hands for Halloween.  My daughter always loved making Monster Hands.  It’s just a holiday tradition for us.  Have fun working with your special needs child!

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