Paper Crafts for Special Needs Children: Introduction

Image shows collection of crafts made from strips of construction paper.

Paper Crafts for Special Needs Children


Many, many different crafts can be made using simple strips of paper as the primary material.  In Paper Crafts for Special Needs Children, I will show you some of the fundamental skills children need in order to do these crafts effectively.  I will also show you a series of crafts for different holidays that use paper.  Some of these crafts will be quite simple and aimed at beginners.  Others will be more complex or require greater motor skills.  I’ll let you know what level of skill is required in each article so  you can make a good choice for your child.

For all children, please look at the basic skills articles that show how to use a paper cutter, stapler, and other general tools.  See if they need to work on those basic skills before trying to put it all together in a craft.  You can prevent frustration by teaching basic skills before expecting children to do a whole project.

As always, remember your ultimate goal:  to teach skills that can be used in many different aspects of life no matter what the future holds for your child.  Your goal is not to create a perfect craft.  The craft is just the means of working on basic skills that all children need regardless of their future level of independence.  The same ability to hold paper steady for cutting may be used later for writing or folding paper in a job.  You can’t tell what they’ll be able to do when they grow up–and there’s always hope that new therapies will improve their abilities beyond your expectations.  Even if work is not in their future, every time you work with them you are improving their social skills.  That’s useful for everyone!  So have fun and enjoy this time with your child.  Paper Crafts for Special Needs Children will give you lots of ideas for spending quality time with your child.

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