Slip-proof Melamine Mixing Bowls


8 Piece Melamine Bowl Set 8 Piece Melamine Bowl Set


I found this beautiful set of slip-proof melamine mixing bowls at the local Costco wholesale store. These bowls are unbreakable and are a perfect addition to your kitchen for working with your special-needs child.

Children are often unpredictable. A small event could trigger a bad mood and things could go flying around the room at a moments notice. This kind of behavior is more difficult to change in a special needs child. It is always safer to use unbreakable utensils and cookware while cooking with a special needs child. Melamine and BPA-free hard plastic containers are usually good substitutes for glassware. These melamine bowls are perfect for mixing ingredients and here is what I like about them:

1. The sturdy material of the bowls make them robust against cracks or scratches.

2. Ridged surfaceThe ridges on the outer melamine surface makes them easy to handle even with oily or wet hands.





Slip proof grip

3. The rubber grips at the bottom of each bowl makes them slip-proof by keeping them from sliding around when you or your child is working with them. This may even help avoid messy accidents involving bowls sliding off the table on to the floor.




4. There are often times when a child loses interest in the middle of an activity. The close-fitting lids for the bowls are perfect for putting away the ingredients until the child is ready to return to the activity.

melamineBowlsNest5. The bowls nest one inside the other for easy storage.



6. These colorful melamine bowls can cheer up any kitchen!

 These bowls are also available on the Amazon Store.

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