Beautiful Unbreakable Melamine Plates

Those of us who are prone to dropping and breaking things appreciate the value of good quality, beautiful unbreakable melamine plates in our kitchen cabinets. Even though melamine is not microwaveable, it makes a great material for special occasion and party dinnerware.

These large square plates, by Bobby Flay, are available in Kohl’s. The plates come in solid colors and in lively colorful print.


I have found several uses for these plates.

Use them as trays to organize ingredients for a cooking activity.

They make beautiful serving plates for a special occasion.

They brighten up an outdoor picnic table and will make simple meals look very special.


It is importMelamine-plate-labelant to remember that these plates are not microwaveable!

Pair them up with unbreakable bowls and cups to form a lovely table setting.


Use them to serve your favorite desserts.








I also found these smaller melamine plates at our local HEB grocery store a few summers ago for a dollar each.

Beautiful, unbreakable and reusable.
Beautiful, unbreakable and reusable.

I use these unbreakable plates at birthday parties to serve cake. I wash them and reuse them and they have managed to look good even after several camping trips.


These unbreakable melamine plates are a great alternative to disposable paper or plastic plates. They are wonderful to use outdoors and don’t fly off when there is a gust of wind. All this and they reduce waste and are good for the earth too.

The above plates are a worry-free addition to your kitchen cabinet. Your special needs child will be able to cook with them, eat with them and even wash them without you worrying about broken glass or broken china. ¬†Anyone who has accidentally stepped on broken glass with bare feet will agree that broken glass can prove to be very “expensive” in many ways.

During this spring and summer, remember to stock up on beautiful melamine serve-ware and start enjoying beautifully served meals with your family.

NOTE: Do not use them in the microwave.



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