Special Needs Children Craft: Painted Strawberry Pot

Image shows a large plastic, clay-colored pot with a child's painting of a strawberry on it.
Painted Strawberry Pot

It’s early spring in Texas and high time to plant strawberries and other plants. In Special Needs Children Craft:  Painted Strawberry Pot, I’ll show you how to include your child in this family activity in a fun way.  In this post, I’ll give you a picture gallery to help your child decorate a pot for strawberries.  In another, I’ll show how to plant the strawberries.  Together, you and your child will enjoy gardening as a family.  You can easily modify this craft to plant whatever your family likes.  Tomatoes are a great idea since they do well in containers and are easy to draw.

irst, a note about ways to make this more successful.  The younger or more challenged the child, the larger the area they need to work in because of their limited motor skills.  As a result, I have used a rather large pot as my drawing surface.  I also drew an outline of what I wanted drawn in the correct colors to help her get it right without frustration.  It is harder to paint on a curved surface than a flat one, so the outline really makes it easier.  Be prepared to help steady the pot if needed.  I used a plastic pot to reduce the weight and because it is easier to paint on.  It also only cost about $5 at the local grocery store, so I didn’t care if it didn’t turn out well.  I used permanent acrylic paints, but disposable brushes in case they didn’t get washed properly.  For painting the seeds on, don’t use a paint brush or the seeds will be huge and it’ll look more like a watermelon.  Use a toothpick to keep them smaller.  As always, I prepare a tray with the correct supplies on it before I bring my child in to do her craft.  Then I only give her what she needs right then, one color at a time.  See the pictures below for the correct set up.  Then give your child the pot, her first color paint and let her follow the picture gallery to complete the project.

Image shows a large plastic, clay-colored pot with an outline of a strawberry on it.
Draw an outline of a strawberry on a 12 inch plastic, clay-colored pot.
Image shows a tray with a paper plate with red paint and a paint brush, another paper plate with green paint and a paint brush, and a third with black paint and a toothpick.
Set up a tray with the three colors of paint on separate paper plates, paint brushes for the red and green, a toothpick for the black, and a paper towel for messes.



Child:  Follow the pictures to see how to paint the pot.  Click on a picture to go to the next one.


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I hope you both enjoyed decorating a pot for your strawberries.  Next, check out Special Needs Children Garden:  Planting Strawberries for how to plant the plants.

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