Special Needs Children Cook: Peanut Butter and Apple Tortilla Wraps

PB & Apple Tortilla Wraps:

Children, follow the pictures in the slide show to make a yummy lunch.


Large flour tortilla
2-3 T peanut butter
8-10 thin slices of apple, cut in half

Hint: Keep the apple slices in some apple juice until just before you work with your child. That will keep them from turning brown.

Adult: Prepare a tray as shown.

Child: Follow the pictures to make a yummy lunch.

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ADULT: To make this recipe Gluten-Free Casein-free, you will need to buy special tortillas or make your own. Here is a website with a recipe you might like to try: http://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-detail.asp?recipe=821341.

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