Arts for Special Needs Children: Basic Beading

Finished Bracelets
Beading Bracelets

Beading is a basic skill for craftwork and improves many motor skills. This activity will teach a young child how to do it in a way that they can be successful. Because the beads are small enough to be a choking hazard, do not do this craft unless your child is mature enough not to put everything in his mouth.

Bag of large foam beads (1 inch, 3/4 inch, or 1/2 inch at the smallest)
Bag of chenille stems (12 inch or longer)
Large plate or tray for child to work on (to keep the beads from rolling away)
Bowl or plate for the beads


Set up a tray with the beads in a bowl and the pipe cleaners.  Only give the child as many beads and pipe cleaners as you want them to have at one time. You can always refill the tray if you want to do more.  Have one bead already strung on each pipe cleaner on the tray.  Make sure that the bead is secured well by twisting the end of the pipe cleaner back through it.  This makes a stopper, preventing the beads from falling off the other end. You can always remove that bead later if it doesn’t suit them.


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